MEBLE FURNITURE & RUGS Miami 200 Modern 90" White TV Stand With 16 Colors LED Lights

March 8, 2022

The MEBLE FURNITURE & RUGS Miami 200 Modern 90" TV Stand is a great choice if you are looking for a stand that is able to accommodate very large televisions. The fact that this is a bigger stand and will accommodate large TV's also means that it has an abundance of storage space too.

The Miami 200 90" TV stand is a perfect example of a modern and stylish piece of furniture that is not only beautiful to look at but also extremely practical thanks to the huge amount of storage space that it has to offer as well as cable management holes to keep everything looking sleek and modern.

The modern and unique design of this TV stand features high gloss fronts and a matte body, this type of sleek design would be able to fit in with a variety of different décors with ease. If you are planning on doing some home improvement, this could be the ideal TV console to complement your new décor.

The Miami 200 TV stand will arrive at your home flat packed, but is simple to assemble and install thanks to the design utilizing pins and eccentric type connections. If you are comfortable with putting together flat packed furniture, this should be super simple for you to assemble. If however, you can't stand the thought of doing such a mundane task! I'm sure family or friends would be able to help you out. Alternatively, you could always hire a handyman who would be more than happy to complete the job for a small fee.

As entertainment centers go, this one is probably going to tick most of the boxes (if not all) for what you want in your ideal white TV stand.

When it comes to TV cabinets for TV's of 80"+ you are not going to have as much choice, simply because the demand for them is not as great as it is for smaller stands. So if you own a big television and are looking for a stand that will safely accommodate your television while having a sleek, modern style, have a look at our review below to see if the MEBLE FURNITURE & RUGS Miami 200 Modern 90" TV stand is going to be the right choice to compliment your living space.

Not only does the Miami 200 modern TV stand look great and has a great deal of storage space, but it also comes complete with LED lights that will really accentuate the modern style of this piece of furniture. The lights have 16 different color options too, so you can choose the perfect ambience and style for your living space.

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Will be suitable for most flat panel TV's up to 90"

16 color LED lights system with color control

Modern, sleek and contemporary design

High Gloss fronts with a matte body finish

The assembly instructions are easy to follow


78.7 x 15 x 17 inches


This is suitable for very large TV's

Includes multiple colored LED lights with remote control which enhance the modern look of this TV stand

Plenty of storage space available for all of your entertainment and media equipment

The Miami 200 TV Stand is fairly simple to assemble and comes with easy to follow instructions

This furniture is also available in different color options so you can choose the perfect color for your décor


It is only 14" deep, so make sure your TV will fit before you purchase this entertainment center


The Miami 200 Meble Furniture and rugs Modern 90" TV Stand is a very nice, modern stand for larger TV's. The LED lights are a nice touch that really makes this unit stand out from the crowd, and will create a real focal point in your living room which you will certainly get lots of compliments on when you have family and friends over. Plus, if you wanted to take your entertainment center to the next level, you could also try adding LED lights around your TV as well which will really make it pop!

There is plenty of storage space available, which is something that you would certainly expect from a TV stand of this size. You will have more than enough storage space to be able to fit in all of your media and entertainment equipment, along with anything else you may want to store away inside this piece of furniture.

One thing to keep in mind though, we would definitely recommend measuring your TV before you decide to purchase this stand, as the width of this unit is only 14". The last thing you want is to spend your time putting it together and getting excited about how good it's going to look just to find out that your beloved television does not fit! There is one way to get around this issue of course, and that is to have your television wall mounted, although this is not something that will suite everyone. If you do choose to have your TV wall mounted, please ensure you know exactly what you are doing before starting. If you are in any way unsure about what you're doing in undertaking such a task, I would always suggest that you pay a professional to do the job for you as it's definitely something you will NOT want to go wrong!

To summarize, if you have (or are planning on getting a large TV in the near future) this TV unit is probably going to be your best choice and will definitely be a real complement to the modern look of your living room décor.

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Assembly Instructions Video

I know for some people, having to read through and understand assembly instructions for flat packed furniture can be an absolute nightmare!

If that sounds like you, have no fear because if you decide to purchase the Miami 200 TV stand you can watch the below video which will walk you through the whole assembly process to make it as easy as possible.

MEBLE FURNITURE & RUGS Miami 200 Modern 90" White TV Stand With 16 Colors LED Lights

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