Different Styles of TV Stand

March 8, 2022

Choosing the Perfect TV Stand

If you are looking for a new TV stand you are in the right place, here at WhiteTVStand.com we review a wide variety of furniture that not only is a safe place to display your TV but is also something that is quite often a focal point in your living space.

Sitting down, relaxing and watching TV with your loved ones is one of the most satisfying things you can do, so you want to make sure the room in which you choose to do this is welcoming, comfortable and stylish. For this reason, choosing a good quality TV stand is essential.

When it comes to TV stands, there a a huge amount of options available and it can be very confusing if you don't have an exact idea in mind when it comes to the certain style and practicality of this piece of furniture. If this sounds like you, we suggest that you first take a look at our post on Choosing the Right TV Stand.

These days there is certainly a lot of choice and multiple different options available to you when it comes to choosing the furniture on which you will display your TV.

Different Styles of TV Stand


The modern style of TV unit is a very popular option and is something that a lot of people are looking for currently. TV stands with LED lights are a fantastic option if you want a TV unit that is super modern and fits in extremely well with a home that has a very modern style of décor.

As new technology and modern design is becoming more and more popular, a modern TV stand is something that a lot of people would prefer when it comes to choosing this type of furniture.


On the other end of the scale from the modern style you have the option of a retro TV stand. This style is not something that everyone likes but it can work extremely well and is something that can look absolutely amazing in the right setting.

Retro furniture is really making a come back recently and is a style of furniture which adds a nice quirky feel to your living space.


A corner TV stand is a very practical piece of furniture and is the perfect choice if you are limited on space and want something that is designed specifically to display your television set in the corner of your room.

The design of this type of furniture means that it is not going to be suitable for large TV's, with this is mind, the majority of people who are going to want a corner TV stand will probably have a smaller room so this is not actually going to be as big an issue as you might think.

Overall, corner TV stands are extremely useful when it comes to making the most out of the limited space that you may have available to you.

TV Stands with Built in Fireplace

fireplace tv stand

If you didn't know, you can now get a TV stand that has an electric fireplace built in!

The beauty of this style of TV stand is the fact that you can have the practicality and usability of a TV stand while at the same time, having the warmth and aesthetics of a fireplace all in one unit.

This not only saves space as you will not need to purchase a separate TV stand as well as a fireplace, but you will also save money too and who in their right mind doesn't want to save money?!

With that being said, you are only going to be saving money if you plan on having both a TV stand as well as a fireplace in your home. If a fireplace is something that you don't need, we would recommend that you opt for a stand alone TV stand.

The Fun Part!

Once you've decided on the exact style of TV stand that you want and are sure that it will be the most practical for your living space, you can get on to the fun part, which is choosing the perfect TV stand for your home!

We hope you find the perfect TV stand for your home! If you have found this site to be useful in your quest for a new TV stand we would really appreciate it if you spread the word and told others who might be looking to purchase a new TV stand about this site, Thanks :)

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